De acuerdo a la información enviada por la colega Médico Veterinaria Dra. Tamara Tadich, se realizará un Simposio Mundial de la Vía Aérea en el Equino, entre el 13 y el 15 de Julio de 2017, en Copenhague. Dinamarca.

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WORLD EQUINE AIRWAY SYMPOSIUM 2017 July 13th – 15th, Copenhagen, Denmark “Science meets practice”

The World Equine Airways Symposium (WEAS) is a congress held every four years in order to advance the health and welfare of horses worldwide. Disorders of the equine respiratory system are a major cause of reduced athletic performance in the horse. A critical understanding of the pathogenesis advances in the treatment and implementation of strategies to prevent these respiratory disorders can only be achieved through carefully-conducted scientific investigations. We would like to give you the opportunity to attend this exceptional symposium. Come to Copenhagen, Denmark and meet equine airway specialists from all over the world. The venue will take place at the stunning Langelinie Pavillonen in the center of Copenhagen.
The scientific meeting will be comprised of presentations by international experts and presentations of oral and poster research abstracts by other attendees.

Among speakers can be mentioned:
Prof. Ed Robinson
Prof. Norm Ducharme
Prof. Laurent Viel
Prof. Dorothy Ainswoth
Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck
Prof. Rikke Buhl
Prof. Vincent Gerber
Associate prof. Jon Cheetham
Prof. Jean-Pierre Lavois and many others.

The presentation sessions will among others cover topics as:

  • Equine Asthma • Upper Airway Fundamentals 1
  • Upper Airway Disease Fundamentals 2
  • Chronic airway inflammation: Diagnosis and management
  • Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage
  • Infectious Disease
  • Lower Airway Disease Fundamentals
  • Upper Airway: Larynx
  • Triggers to Airway Inflammation
  • Upper Airway: Nasopharynx
  • Upper Airway: Soft Palate and Pharynx
  • Research and Clinical Abstracts

We are looking forward to hosting you at this meeting.

Learn more and Register now for WEAS. Specific details for registration and lodging are available on the website
Abstract submission is also open on the website


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